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A Quiet Revolution Playlist Song 20

You might have noticed we skipped a day. That’s because we’re down to the last third of the list, and I want to stretch this out until we get to release day.

When we left the playlist, we were listening to Cat Stevens looking ahead with hope.

Today, we’re holding onto some of that feeling but with an edge.

We’re back on Luna, back with the Chief and her merry band of mischief-makers, and they’re about ready to put their plans into motion. So the song I’ve chosen ties into the sense of ‘plotting in the dark of night’. It also calls to the fairy tale theme of things changing at midnight.

Enjoy Edge of Midnight (Midnight Sky Mix) by Miley Cyrus with Stevie Nicks. Don’t forget, you can order the book just by clicking on the button!

EDGE OF MIDNIGHT (Midnight Sky Mix)

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