A Quiet Revolution Playlist – Song 30

This is it! I hope you’ve enjoyed this musical journey behind the book. Even if you didn’t want to know why the songs went with the chapter, if you found a new song you like I’m happy.

This final song ought to be fairly obvious. The entire book has been dealing with revolutions, of one sort or another:

  1. Cass and her teleport, having to develop single-portal teleportation because, well, it was needed.

  2. 40 Eridani, finding life outside the Solar System.

  3. The UE coordinating the removal of all laws against Enhanced Humans from the books.

  4. Oh yeah, a revolution on Luna.

What other song could I end a book called A Quiet Revolution with?

Revolution, by The Beatles.

As my thank-you, at the bottom of the page is a link so you can download the ENTIRE PLAYLIST. It’s a single file, crafted as if it were a mixtape, so you can enjoy all 2 hours of the playlist whenever you want in the order they appear.