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A Quiet Revolution Playlist Song 28

We’re into our final week of songs, so hold onto your hats!

Another high-energy song; that must mean it’s another fight scene, right?

Actually, yes.

And this one is really pointed right at Chief Stone.

Okay, I’m going to sidetrack here. How old do you think Cass & Ken are? Just guessing from the covers and the books. (If you know the answer, you must already have a copy of A Quiet Revolution, because that’s the first place their birthdays appear!)

In the first volume, they’re not quite 33. At the start of The Road to the Stars, they’re 37, going on 38. By the time of this book they’re 39. Mac, Cris, Sanzari, all younger by a few years; Alley and Kiri, about the same age.

Chief Stone is retired from the SEALs. Not for ability, or age; she’s retired because she won’t stop getting into fights.

But she is the oldest major character by probably a decade, maybe a bit more.

What better for the chapter that shows she can still kick ass than I Don’t Wanna Stop by Ozzy Osbourne?


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