The Cassidy Chronicles

The Ghosts of Tantor

The Ghosts of Tantor


They thought they were ready for this mission. They were wrong.

Junior officers aren’t supposed to show up their superiors, but Nicole Crozier’s not your usual JO.

The Terran Federation is finally at peace and ready to begin serious exploration. The TFS Pike is the newest ship in the Fleet, purpose-built for deep space missions. Four kilometers long, with a crew of four thousand, she’s well-equipped for the years ahead. If only her crew was as prepared.

Ensign Nicole Crozier, the former Premier of the Luna Free State, has left politics behind to pursue a career in the Fleet. But her stint as the Artemis Minister of War has landed her in Tactical instead of Science, her passion, and she’s not happy about it. Still, she’s been promised a chance to switch tracks, so for now she’ll deal.

Everything changes when Nicole discovers a rogue planet, and she’s given command of the landing party. She’s irritated her superior but that’s the least of her problems when an ancient alien artifact emerges from the ice. As Nicole and her team explore the interior, the planet and her team vanish.

The crew of the Pike must use all the tricks and tools available to get their missing people back. When they finally do, Nicole brings aboard a discovery which could change the course of history.

Or end it.

If you like Star Trek Voyager, Star Trek Discovery, Interstellar, Battlestar Galactica 2003, 200: A Space Odyssey, you’ll want The Ghosts of Tantor

Wide release June 18 – Special Edition coming sooner!

The Cassidy Chronicles

The Cassidy Chronicles


Welcome to the world of 2113.

America has shattered into ten squabbling nations and the solar system is on the edge of colonization. Technologic wonders abound. Yet, it's not unlike our own. People meet, fall in love, face assassination at their wedding - well, perhaps not.

Meet Aiyana and Kendra, Cass and Ken to their friends, a genius physicist and a retired movie star with a mysterious past. They live quietly, get along with their neighbors, don't have problems at work. So why did they have to run for their lives from their wedding?

Travel with them across the continent as they search for answers, make new friends, face daunting challenges, and discover unexpected enemies. It's a ride you don't want to miss!

A 2020 Drunken Druid Book Awards FINALIST
A 2020 Dragon Awards Nominee

The Road to the Stars

The Road to the Stars


Cass and Ken are back!

Five years after the events in Volume One, life is good for the Cassidys. 

Aiyana is perfecting her teleporters while running the Heavy Lift Corporation. Kendra is overseeing her ambitious starship project in her own, inimitable way. They want nothing more than to live their lives and raise their girls. It seems, though, that the universe has other plans for them. 

First there's a mysterious request to meet with a pair of leaders from the world government; they have a problem and it seems the Cassidy's are the only ones who can solve it. But they've never met a challenge they could walk away from, and this one's no different. Meanwhile, Kendra has to find a captain and a crew to make her starship come to life. 

Then there's the little matter of the science officer... Juggling demands from every direction, will Cass and Ken be able to rise to the occasion again?

The Measure of Humanity

The Measure of Humanity


Six months have passed since The Road to the Stars.

An uneasy peace has settled between the Solarian Union and the Terran Federation. 

Negotiations continue, but seem to be going nowhere. But that doesn't mean Cass and Ken haven't been busy. Their second starship is about to commission. A new habitat is nearly complete. A new class of fighters is entering service. 

And they still have stars to explore. But within the Union, new plots are arising. New challenges are being prepared. Soon, they will be ready to strike. Will Cass and Ken be able to handle the latest attack? Or will the dream of a Terran Federation die?

A Quiet Revolution

A Quiet Revolution


How do you end a war you want no part of?

Cass and Ken just want to get back to their plans for exploration. That doesn't seem to be in the cards, though, so now it's time to think outside the box. 

If the leaders of Artemis won't listen, maybe it's time for new leaders. New tools, new crews, new challenges, but the same Cass and Ken: they're not going to let anything stop them!

Triumph's Ashes

Triumph's Ashes


Viva la revolucion!

The Primus, Vasilia Newling, is facing her worst nightmares:
A revolution on Luna.
Titan and the Asteroids abandoning the Solarian Union.
Defections from within her own government.

All because of those damned Cassidys! But she's still as ruthless as ever.

And if Aiyana and Kendra thought she was playing dirty before? They're going to see how filthy she really can get.
There isn't room for both the Terran Federation and the Union.

This time, one is going down.

For good.

The Artemis War: A Cassidy Chronicles Omnibus

The Artemis War: A Cassidy Chronicles Omnibus


Get it all here!

Gathered together for the first time!
All FIVE novels in the Artemis War story arc!
Start with The Cassidy Chronicles and learn about the traumatic events at the beginning of the marriage between Aiyana and Kendra Cassidy.
Move to The Road to the Stars, where they are pursuing their dreams of exploring interstellar space but are dragged back by an impending crisis on Earth. Unfortunately, the Lunar nation of Artemis doesn't take kindly to Terrans meddling in their plans.
In The Measure of Humanity Kendra is forced to confront demons from her past she didn't even know existed.
Everything seems calm at the beginning of A Quiet Revolution, but don't be fooled. All hell is about to break loose.
And in Triumph's Ashes both sides learn there is no victory without cost.

But wait, there's more!

EXCLUSIVELY in this box set! Get the novelette, The Martian Gambit, a never-before-published story of the starship TFS Nike. The War is over, but the Martians still haven't surrendered even though they're largely confined to the Red Planet. But just because they're stuck groundside doesn't mean they can't cause issues for the Terran Federation!

Into the Black

Into the Black


Eleven Stories from the Cassidyverse

Welcome to the Cassidyverse, the wider world of the Cassidy Chronicles, where life will take you in unexpected directions.

Kendra Cassidy’s dream was to drag humanity to the stars. Along the way she invested her fortune, her sweat, and her blood to make the Terran Federation real. But she wasn’t the only one; her crew struggled alongside her to bring it to life. These are their stories:

In “Recruiting Kendra, “ a younger Kendra learns first-hand what it takes to turn an actress into an assassin.

In “A Dream Made Flesh,” Diana, an AI and a leader of the Federation, wonders what it might be like to be human.

In “When ‘cats Fly,” Daniela is challenged to solve the problem of making a space fighter suitable for cat-sized sentients.

In “Murder on the Missouri,” a cadet is murdered, Alyssa calls in the only human who can solve the case.

In “Hell Hath No Fury,” A jealous, vengeful Admiral discovers that Ashley is the wrong Captain to exile to the frontier.

In “The Martian Gambit,” Mikall and the crew of the TFS Nike face a last-gasp attempt to overthrow the Terran Federation.

And in “Thrown For A Loop,” a story that spans centuries, Kendra and her wife, Aiyana, confront a threat to all of space and time.

In all, eleven tales of bravery, love, creativity, and…staplers?

Come see for yourself!