Don't know where to begin in the universe of this Science Fiction Author?

We have some suggestions!


You can get my take on John Ringo’s Paladin of Shadows universe in The Kildaran. You can also get the SECOND volume of The Cassidy Chronicles, The Road to the Stars. Both totally free for you! Feel like something shorter? Grab Murder on the Missouri, a mystery set in the Cassidyverse from the collection Into the Black


I’ve decided I like doing a playlist for my books; so here’s the version for Triumph’s Ashes! Feel free to download the entire MP3 file as well as the chapter guide by clicking the Download buttons! There are two substitutions, where the cover version in the printed playlist wasn’t available for purchase: Kickstart My Heart (Motley Crue) and Long Live Rock (The Who). If you have Amazon Music, you can reconstruct the playlist there; however, you won’t have Colonial Anthem by Bear McCreary.

There's also a playlist for A Quiet Revolution. It, too, is available on Amazon Music (and there aren't any substitutions you need to make).


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Let’s begin with organic produce. Do you know how much pesticides get sprayed on the fruits and vegetables you eat? How much gets into the ground, into the soil and water? It’s a huge challenge!

But organic produce costs a bunch, doesn’t it? There’s a loophole, though. Supermarkets reject produce which isn’t perfect, but there’s nothing wrong with it in terms of flavor and quality. Misfits Markets buys this produce and sells it at much, much lower prices, prices comparable to the non-organic foods!

You build a box each week; you have three days to put it all together. You have to put $30 of produce in, and then there’s a small shipping charge (for us it’s $5.50), and that’s it. You get your box a few days later!

There are also specials of the week, deeply discounted items, which you can choose from. Usually the cost is a single penny, but the down side is you can only choose one!

Produce can get damaged in transit, and will sometimes arrive definitely "past due", but their team is good at compensating and adjusting your account with a simple email.

NEW! Misfits has started offering deli meats, cheeses, dairy, and frozen meats/seafood as well. This is in a "cold pack" and you have to have at least $30 in the pack to get one (but this also counts towards your $30 minimum order). So far what we've gotten is good, and the prices on the goat cheese are 2/3 of what the local store has for the same brand.


Want to get organic and sustainable beef, pork, seafood, and other meats? I’ve got some choices for you! We’ve used all three services and are happy with all three!

First up is Crowd Cow


So, pluses. They have the widest selection of meats and have competitive prices. You can get a membership – which is free – to get a discount off your meats as well as a lower threshold for free shipping and regular shipments of your favorite products.

Minuses. You pay for each selection you make, and the prices are a bit higher than the others in this list. They also ship using an unreliable service, which results in food arriving during the summer which may be unsafe. To their credit, they've been excellent about replacing these items.

Overall: B Good for random shopping for at-need stuff.

Second is Butcher Box.


This is another free membership with organic meats; each month you can select products from a bunch of choices.

Pluses: Each box has a certain number of selections (either 6 or 12), and you pay a flat rate for the box. You want 6 whole chickens? Fine! Six packs of salmon? Same price! They also offer regular sales and "buy for life" deals. (We currently have 5# of drumsticks, 2# of ground beef, and a 1.75# flank steak included in every box at no additional charge.) Constantly emailing about sales to go into your next box, with you can change up to the day before it ships. What I do is pile stuff in and then remove what I decide I don't want.

Minuses: The selections aren’t as wide as Crowd Cow in the seafood category, but they are improving. They are a subscription service, so you have to be aware of your upcoming ship date. And you will get emails from them frequently.

Overall: A- This is our favorite of the three for their consistency and pricing structure.

Third is Wild Pastures.


It’s a subscription service, similar to Butcher Box. It has a good selection of products, though the seafood selection is somewhat limited.

Pluses: The boxes are pre-selected for you based on your type of box, which is a nice feature if you’re busy. Nice variety of additional products, including Waygu beef (both Japanese and American varieties). 

Minuses: The biggest drawback is a fairly hefty membership fee - $79. You can try it free for 30 days. If you don’t like the selections you can change them, but there is usually a fee, rating from $0 to $14 per change (depending on what you choose). If you want to go from ground beef to ribeye, for example, you'll pay quite a bit. And their delivery service is iffy.

Overall: C+ They try hard, and they have products the other two don't. Unfortunately they seem to combine the worst aspects of both with a membership fee. We have discontinued our purchases from here.