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A Quiet Revolution Playlist Song 12

Happy Evacuation Day! Wait, what? Evacuation Day. The day in 1776 when the British, defeated by Washington, departed Boston.

Oh, this is one of my favorite songs. Not just in the book, but in general. I love how it begins and then says, “Oh, yeah? I can top that!”

The song is I Like It Heavy by Halestorm, and there are a few reasons it’s with this chapter. First, there’s a pun, which I won’t spoil. But it’s also got some serious chops for the chapter, since there’s actually a space battle that happens.

Yup. Got the old space opera thing going on now!

Anyways, don’t forget that you can win all four paperbacks, autographed, and you can also pre-order A Quiet Revolution for half price!

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