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The Cassidy Chronicles



Welcome to the world of 2113.

What do you do when your minister tries to kill you…at your wedding?

You run like hell.

Aiyana Cassidy is a happy genius. She has a job she enjoys and is about to marry her best friend and their groom. And then the minister pulls out a gun. Aiyana grabs their hands and runs away, but nobody else saw what she saw!

Is she imagining things?

It doesn’t matter for now, because Kendra Foster-Briggs believes her, and when they’re together there’s never been anything they couldn’t handle. Kendra leads them off the grid, displaying skills no former sensie actress should have.

What happened? Who is behind it? Why?

Travel with them across the length and breadth of a shattered United States, from Vegas to Massachusetts to New Orleans and more. There are schemes, double-crosses, plots, and unexpected allies along the way.

Welcome to The Cassidy Chronicles!

A 2020 Drunken Druid Book Awards FINALIST
A 2020 Dragon Awards Nominee


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