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The Ghosts of Tantor



They thought they were ready for this mission. They were wrong.

Junior officers aren’t supposed to show up their superiors, but Nicole Crozier’s not your usual JO.

The Terran Federation is finally at peace and ready to begin serious exploration. The TFS Pike is the newest ship in the Fleet, purpose-built for deep space missions. Four kilometers long, with a crew of four thousand, she’s well-equipped for the years ahead. If only her crew was as prepared.

Ensign Nicole Crozier, the former Premier of the Luna Free State, has left politics behind to pursue a career in the Fleet. But her stint as the Artemis Minister of War has landed her in Tactical instead of Science, her passion, and she’s not happy about it. Still, she’s been promised a chance to switch tracks, so for now she’ll deal.

Everything changes when Nicole discovers a rogue planet, and she’s given command of the landing party. She’s irritated her superior but that’s the least of her problems when an ancient alien artifact emerges from the ice. As Nicole and her team explore the interior, the planet and her team vanish.

The crew of the Pike must use all the tricks and tools available to get their missing people back. When they finally do, Nicole brings aboard a discovery which could change the course of history.

Or end it.

If you like Star Trek Voyager, Star Trek Discovery, Interstellar, Battlestar Galactica 2003, 200: A Space Odyssey, you’ll want The Ghosts of Tantor

Wide release June 18 – Special Edition coming sooner!


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