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Through Fresh Eyes: The Cassidy Chronicles 11

Wow, this was a short reading this round but quite a packed one! I’ve got a fair bit to unpack here, so let’s just dive right in.

First things first, I’m quite impressed with the accuracy surrounding the Capoeira practice. I’m nowhere close to well-trained, but I’d call myself an adept practitioner of the art between my own martial art experience. So to see proper terminology and etiquette being depicted within the writing was a real thrill for me! Following that line of thought, I find Cordova to be quite an interesting character. I was surprised when he was so willing to try Capoeira with Cass, most sensei I’ve ever known tend to be sticklers for their own sports! And I was even more surprised to see him finessed by Cass so effortlessly. She danced in circles around him, quite literally. Funnily enough, though, miss bold Mac was the one to shy away from the challenge when offered the same chance. Poor little mouse, how sharp was Cordova at the end when he rebutted her with his formal title?

I wish I could see/experience an APV in person. I know we have similar vehicles available today in 2021, but we don’t have anything quite like the vehicle Adam describes in Chapters 10-12. Pressing forward on the line of comparison between 2021 and the years Cassidy Chronicles is set in, I was quite shocked when Fort Massachusetts popped up on the metaphysical horizon. Interesting, isn’t it, how deftly Adam has woven a tapestry between today’s world and the one he’s created? This chapter was also where I read how Ken lashed her two male subordinates, and I had a good chuckle watching her box them into a corner with logic because all-too-often I see similar exchanges between today’s men and women. It seems, 9 times out of 10, it’s always the woman who goes “Isn’t there a better way?”. And coupled with them leaving their instructions in the APV and having to remotely pilot it back-and-forth once they landed at Ship Island… pure, comical gold. I love it!

Now, let’s focus on the final piece involving Cass, Mac, and Talbott. Mac, although still slightly grating in my own opinion, has started to win me over with her tech-geek, chatterbox ways. Seeing her try to bend-without-breaking the rules to assist Cass, like a Hollywood assistant cliche, has been pretty fun! But I was truly impressed when faced with a ticked-off Talbott and a hellbent Cass, she stood with what’s right. Talbott was right when she recognized the virtue of Cass, and I have a slight bone to pick with her. I hate the “Do what I said cause I said so” attitude most military corporates hold, even if I understand it, because in my eyes: everything has an explanation, so the people involved should get to hear the said explanation. However, when Cass turned around and beat her down with her own team member… that was classic, I’m thoroughly impressed!

Though I do truly hope that Lisa is alright… and I have a very unsettled feeling in the pit of my stomach about this milk-run mission Ken has been sent on. If it’s such a low-tier, easy mission then why would you send one of your top dogs? I’m sure there are higher-priority cases she could’ve been assigned to. I don’t trust that. However, that’s a wrap! Stay tuned as we continue our journey into the Cassidy Chronicles… I can’t believe we’re already on (Vol 1) book 2!

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