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Through Fresh Eyes: The Cassidy Chronicles – Part 10

Okay, after this week’s reading, I admit that I’m not that big of a fan of director Talbott slightly less now that she’s practically blackmailed Ken; using Cass as a betting chip in the process. But I do sympathize with Mac for being stuck under orders in her role of the matter… after all, the girl seems like a nervous wreck as is, never mind with the Director bearing down on her neck.

I was actually livid while reading the interaction where Ken is threatening to quit and Tallbot has her pinned by every cord. Perhaps it’s a bit of a military-movie cliche, but I personally adore the “one last job” story dynamic. It always adds a certain aspect of suspense and urgency, in my opinion. Though I strongly admire Ken’s fire when it came to her attempted refusal of that final mission… as quenched as it was under Talbott’s thumb once she pulled the ace out of her sleeve. I feel like she already knows (as I’m inferring) the simple “delivery and exchange” mission will probably be more complicated than Tallbott’s letting on, and I have my doubts that Ken and Cass will only be separated for a few days. This seems to be building the perfect set-up for something to go disastrously awry.

The following interaction in Chapter 5 between Cass and Mac was amusing, in a detached way. As annoying as I find Mac, I felt bad when the bubble burst and she was in the direct crosshairs for Cass’s anger at the moment. I mean, bearer of bad news and whatnot, but I think Cass’s emotions were valid and well placedㅡ given the situation, that is. However, reading how Cass lifted Mac clear off the floor really put it in perspective of just how tiny the little jack-in-the-box/Chihuahua Frankenstein is. Her anxious fluttering as she tried desperately to diffuse Cass from realizing was quite funny too!

The next exchange between Ken and Cass was bittersweet and heartwarming. Not quite a “final goodbye” scene in the classical sense, but I still found their thinly-veiled jesting over the obvious concern touching. I can relate to the feeling of a loved one heading somewhere dangerous, and there’s nothing you can do but cross your fingers and pray they make it home safe. I imagine Cass is quite uncomfortable with the situationㅡ but then again, she doesn’t have much of a choice either.

These chapters, although brief, seem to be constructing a rather delicate house of cards for an upcoming event. If you’re anything like me, you can also see the possible plot paths rising ahead of us. There are still many, many acts left in this story, but I still hope I get to see a happy ending.

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