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Through Fresh Eyes 7: The Cassidy Chronicles

The final few chapters of Volume 1, Act 1: Run Like Hell were thrilling, but the cliffhanger was absolutely agonizing! Though my favourite part must’ve been the very beginning, the semi-tender morning exchange (with the childish-but-fun bet regarding Cass’s driving) was dripping with romance and felt that hallmark-movie moment, you know?

However, the following scene abruptly shattered my happy little bubble when I was reading the rather-morose tale of Alan and Kendra… that honestly brought a tear to my eye, but also posed interesting questions about how different races interact with each other so far in the future (and in such a complex, futuristic society, no less.). Although Kendra is just a fictional character, the story she recounted is a very-real reality many people of colour suffer (and the fact that I’m saying this in 2021 instead of the 1950s is disgusting to me).

On a lighter note, how much of an absolute beast is that car, am I right? Topping at 420 klicks, I can’t imagine how carefully-but-securely that car must be built to drive as smoothly as described at those speeds. How insane! Adam really brought some incredible concepts to life in this book.

Speaking of insane, am I crazy for hoping that all the implications I’ve picked up on are wrong… and Derek is perfectly fine? I was hoping the throuple could be united, but from the sounds of it, that may not be the case. Though Adam’s pulled equally-surprising twists (if not more-so) before, so I guess I’ll just have to see!

I’m also incredibly excited to see Outlook HQ. Kendra mentioned something along the lines of them being perfectly positioned to be near 3 major powers but out of jurisdiction of any of them (an interesting concept to a 2020s brain, admittedly.). But I suppose the Mad Max-esque lands of the Border States draw similarities unsettlingly close to something you could see today overseas.

Overall, Gaffen’s writing continues to fascinate me and I’m excited to dive into the next act, “A Deadly Quest”! I hope you enjoy reading along as I progress further on this journey.

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