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Support Sunday

Hey there!

Today I'm in Atlanta - at Multiverse - and I hope I've seen a bunch of you!

If not, don't worry, you can still catch me at MileHiCon in Denver next weekend (21-23).

I have a nice big booth at MileHiCon which I'll be sharing with David Lee Summers (another SF/F author) all three days, plus a special guest appearance by Rachel Rener (author of the Lightning Conjurer series and Inked/Jinxed/Linked) on Saturday the 22nd!

David's website is HERE

Rachel's website is HERE

And then in November I'll be at TusCon 49 in Tucson, AZ, November 11-13! I just found out that I'm a vendor there, too, so yay for that!

If you go to the first page of this website, you'll find a link to buy a membership for ANY of them!

I'm still lining up cons for 2023, but so far I have ARISIA, COSine, and ConQuesT lined up, and I'm working on more!

Which brings me to the ask.

ARISIA is a big deal.

It's the largest sci-fi con in New England, and a heavy hitter at that. They've had serious guests there, and being invited is a huge honor by itself. I'd be a fool not to accept, so I said yes.

And it gets me a chance to see my parents and brother (who live in/around Boston).

But going to ARISIA isn't cheap. I have one con scheduled between now and then which will have any profit set to paying for my flight/hotel/expenses, but that's all. I don't even know if I'll have a vendor table to try to sell some of my own books!

So I need your help.

I've set up a GoFundMe, and it's open for donations now! Even if you can only spare a dollar, that helps make a dent in the pile I need.

You can click on the logo above or the button below for the GoFundMe

Now, on to the rest of Support Sunday!

AC Adams and I have been working hard on a secret squirrel project, but it's finally time to unveil it!

Are you ready for some Spice and Steam in your life?

Heat things up with this scorching collection of short stories.

Featuring nine stories from sensational serial fiction authors, there's something for everyone in the Spice and Steam anthology.

Explore hidden sci-fi desires, get taken by Mothman, travel back to the myths and tales spiced up with fiery lovers. Get lost in this steamy collection and embrace the shifting magic with these sizzling stories of passion.

Spice and Steam features stories from these notable authors:

AC Adams - creator of Finding Faith

Madilynn Dale - creator of Black Flames

Nat Paga - creator of Ashe & Dez: Gals with Grit

Dani Hermit - co-creator of The Black Devil Omegaverse

Adam Gaffen -creator of The Cassidy Chronicles

C.R. Clark -creator of The Next Mothman Prophecy

Fern Miller - creator of Cupid

Brittany Wright - creator of The Curse of the Raven

Rose Sinclair - creator of The Cupid Fate

And now for some more goodies - just click on the banner to go to the selection!

You may have seen some of these in kendra's newsletter, but the first ones expire soon, and the others are new!

Okay, CHeck these out!

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