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Sunday Stockup!

Free Books! Discounts! Hurry and get them!

That's right, bringing you new, free, and discounted books to fill up your readers!

Say hi to Clara - she's our youngest and smallest cat, but she makes up for it with attitude. She's also the Lost Bundy (and if you don't get it, google "Al Bundy Couch" and you'll get it!

This is going to be a busy month ahead - actually, it's more like a busy week.

From the 3rd to the 11th, I'll be doing appearances in three cities - Pueblo at the student center of PCC on the 3rd, at the Bookstravaganza (part of Superstars Writing Seminars) on the night of the 7th at the Antlers hotel, and back to 2nd and Charles in Lakewood (Denver) on Sunday the 11th!


Plus launching the new book. Buy it here:

But enough from me; time to load up your readers with free and discounted books!

YES! Here we go with the freebies and discounted books!

Links are below the images!

Okay, here we go - from the top down!

Seven collections of freebies and discounted books - just you wait for the next newsletter, though. I've got something like TWENTY giveaways and sales lined up!

And that's it!


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