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Sunday Stockup!

Free Books! Discounts! Hurry and get them!

That's right, bringing you new, free, and discounted books to fill up your readers!

This is the LAST blog post I'll mention this, but the Kickstarter is entering its final days - and we have a narrator!

Check it out - Veronica Wylie is coming back and crossing to the dark side for me. Yes, she's going to do the fantasy romance thing, and given her audition? She'll knock it out of the park!

Take a listen - it's only a minute long:

Amazing, right?

So you can be part of this just by clicking the big button below - make a pledge, and claim your reward!

Right, that's it for me. Here we go with the freebies and discounted books!

Links are below the images

Okay, here we go - from the top down!

BOOM. Eight piles of freebies for you!

And that's it! Quick and easy - don't forget, I need your pledge!


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