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Hello again and welcome to October!

Okay, I know I'm a little late, but this is the first Sunday post in October, so it'll have to do!


That's right, check this out!

It's the story of Cass and Ken's first kiss and what happened afterward. It's a little dive into fantasy, while staying inside the Cassidyverse.

Want to know more?

When Cass and Ken throw a party, you never know who's going to show up!

Winter, 2096. Aiyana Cassidy and Kendra Foster-Briggs aren't quite the queens of their high school, but it's close.

What might put them over the top?

Throwing a holiday party to end all parties!

But these two friends might have reached a bit too far this time. Seems that they're not the only ones looking for fun the day after Yule, and their precautions might not be all that effective.

Add in some emotional turmoil and bottles of water which don't stay watery and you have a party nobody will ever forget!

Enjoy this look into the backstories of the !Cassidyverse's movers and shakers, before they started changing the world

This may seem anticlimactic after the news of a new release, but what else am I up to this month?

Glad you asked!

This month, I'm going to be in Denver - technically, Lakewood - doing a signing at the Second and Charles bookstore on Sunday, October 15, from noon to four. Want to drop in? Great! The address is 14500 W. Colfax Ave Unit 241, Lakewood CO - Love to see you there!

And then...

Then, I'm rolling to New Jersey!

If you're on the East Coast, I'll be at DerpyCon, in glorious New Brunswick, NJ! My flights and hotel are confirmed so let's do this thing!

I know my friend Noelle Kalipetis will be joining me on a panel, and I'll be doing plenty of speaking and Q&A's, so this is THE con to come and get to know me!

Check their website HERE

After that, there's a little gap, but not too long.

One more appearance booked for 2023, and that's as a vendor at the BRAND NEW sci-fi fandom convention, GalactiCon, right here in Denver!

For a new con, they're bringing in some names. Check it out:

I'll be sharing a table with my new friend Hayley Rae Johnson, a talented fantasy author. Sleep in on Black Friday and drop by the con to do your holiday shopping for all your geek needs! Get those tickets NOW while they're on sale! Buy HERE.

And you should check out Hayley's books too. CLICK HERE FOR HER WEBSITE

Right, that's it for conventions and appearances, so let's move on!

This month's half-price book!

The newest collection of short fiction - THE HEART OF SPACE

The Cassidyverse is back!

Kendra and Aiyana's world is as vibrant and rich as ever in this new collection of thirteen pieces of short fiction.

You might think their world runs on fusion power, or antimatter plants, or maybe even warp drives. But it doesn't.

It runs on emotions and relationships and heart.

  • What happened after Kendra's near-disastrous Christmas party? You're not going to believe it!

  • Kendra's journey from actress to assassin continues in "Roses Have Thorns"

  • Lexie wants to break up with her boring boyfriend, but she never expected a goddess

  • Shi faces her demons in "Lupus in Astris", putting the ghosts of her past to rest

  • In "Heart of Molycirc", Elsa confronts a lying, corrupt bully to regain her self-respect

  • Step into the distant future of the Terran Empire in "Chooser of the Living" and see the covert battle that could launch a revolution

These stories and more show what we mean when we say that the Terran Federation is the Heart of Space.

SCAN the QR or CLICK on the cover!

Another Kickstarter? YES!

This is what happens when you're friends with lots of authors!

My friend and fellow Superstar, Tanya Hales, has put together her THIRD adult coloring book with a difference, and she's got the Kickstarter funded and rolling. But it's not too late to get in on it!

The Animal Magica Coloring Books

  • Do you love dragons, animal companions, fantasy stories, and adventure?

  • Does coloring bring you joy, help you embrace your inner magic, and awaken your creativity?

  • Do you long to see more wholesome fun--plus diversity of gender, body-types, and ethnic backgrounds--in fantasy art?

Then Animal Magica will be the perfect escape for you!

This coloring book will remind you of just how much you always wanted a dragon or pet tiger. Or to magically summon a flock of ravens. Or to don armor and go on an epic quest!

Embark on a coloring adventure armed with colored pencils, crayons, or pens to bring life to warrior, elf, fairy, witch, mage, and mermaid friends. Each fantasy adventurer is paired with their loyal animal companions, be they a dragon, giant wolves, cute monkeys, or a winged toad.

What makes this coloring book special?

  • The Animal Magica coloring book series is filled with warmth, magic, companionship, and adventure.

  • 25 beautiful, fantasy illustrations are included.

  • Each image is paired with a short story, written by a host of talented fantasy authors, making the images take on a life of their own.

  • The illustrations are single-sided so that colors don’t bleed through to the next picture.

  • Each illustration is included twice, and in the second set, the opposing page is left blank for you to write a short story of your own.

  • The art is detailed enough for adults, but the images and stories are appropriate and accessible for all ages.

These pages were illustrated to inspire you and help bring your fantasy dreams to life. Back this Kickstarter and prepare for many relaxing days spent with your imagination.

You’re never too young or old for dragons and magic.

Click on the banner below to go to the Kickstarter page and support Tanya!


Right - moving on to MULTIPLE books!

As always, the banners are listed in expiration order - if it's at the top, it's going away first.

Don't wait to get these deals!

A NOTE ON THE PROMOS - some of them are active, and others are previews, but I can never remember which is which. Sorry! You'll just have to click and see.


This next one is Paranormal and Fantasy Romances - but it only lasts 10/9 through 10/15, so don't miss out!

Hey look, it's Nexus Noir: Beyond Dimensions!

I've got one last thing for you.

Did you know my wife - besides being one of smartest people I know and the co-author of four upcoming books - hosts a weekly television show and podcast? No?

Then you probably don't know she's on 450+ outlets, including Apple, Google, Spotify, Roky, iHeart, and lots more.

It's called Navigating Complicated Relationships, and it's about avoiding the rocks and shoals which we all seem to run into from time to time.

It airs Wednesdays at 12pm Eastern/9am Pacific, and replays are available 24/7 from your favorite outlet. Check it out, click on the banner:

See you soon!


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