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Hello again!

Seems like we were just here - I guess we were!

Since then, I've finished at FanExpo Denver, and been to the inaugural Wyoming Pop Culture Convention. That was an interesting show, since it was cosplay and gaming heavy, with lots of anime, pokemon, and manga for good measure. Still, it was lots of fun, and my wife and I got to tick another state off our lists.

We had no idea Wyoming could be so green - or so empty!

One more show this summer, Fort Collins Comic Con, August 26&27, so if you're in or around Colorado, why don't you plan to drop by?

This month's half-price book!

Some childhoods are boring. Not ours.

My name is Kendra Cassidy.

I’m a retired Admiral, wife to Aiyana Cassidy, and I’m here to set the record straight.

We grew up in the Northern Imperium in the 2080s. It was a wonderful place for children, safe and quiet.

What trouble could two independent, curious, intelligent girls get into in a town with more cows than people? You might be surprised.

For the first time, read about my childhood, the beginning of my lifelong friendship with Aiyana, and the trouble we managed to find.

Speaking of Wyoming - guess who was there too?

That's right, Rachel Rener! So, why don't I feature the first book in her Gilded Blood series one more time?


Right - moving on to MULTIPLE books!

As always, the banners are listed in expiration order - if it's at the top, it's going away first.

Don't wait to get these deals!

Okay, I'm off to do things, but I'll see you in a couple weeks!


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