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Support Sunday!

Glad to see you!

No, really.

I know you have other things to do, and I appreciate the time you take to drop in and check out what I have to say.

So, let's dive right in! First, the calendar is updated (see the Appearances page), but let's give you a summary:

FanExpo Denver - June 30 - July 2 (Guest & Vendor with other authors, including Rachel Rener)

Wyoming Pop Culture Convention - July 7 - July 9 (Guest & Vendor) - and if you want to meet Mikki (yes, the inspiration for Chief Stone), she'll be there!

Fort Collins Comic Con - August 26-27 with Rachel

CoKoCon - September 1-4, Phoenix (Guest and Vendor)

Rose City Comic Con? Still working on it!

Multiverse and DerpyCon - October 20-22 and 27-29

GalactiCon? DakuCon? Well, one or the other!

So, now that you've made all your getaway plans...

How about new Cassidyverse stories?

The Cassidyverse is back!

Kendra and Aiyana's world is as vibrant and rich as ever in this new collection of thirteen pieces of short fiction.

You might think their world runs on fusion power, or antimatter plants, or maybe even warp drives. But it doesn't.

It runs on emotions and relationships and heart.

  • What happened after Kendra's near-disastrous Christmas party? You're not going to believe it!

  • Kendra's journey from actress to assassin continues in "Roses Have Thorns"

  • Lexie wants to break up with her boring boyfriend, but she never expected a goddess

  • Shi faces her demons in "Lupus in Astris", putting the ghosts of her past to rest

  • In "Heart of Molycirc", Elsa confronts a lying, corrupt bully to regain her self-respect

  • Step into the distant future of the Terran Empire in "Chooser of the Living" and see the covert battle that could launch a revolution

These stories and more show what we mean when we say that the Terran Federation is the Heart of Space.

Launch day is JUNE 13 - and until then, you can save 50%! Click the cover to order your copy!

My frequent table partner Rachel Rener has a new book out, the fourth book in her series. But why start at the end? Start at the beginning, with INKED! I mean, tattoo and blood magic, an incubus with a past, and butt cobras. What more could you ask for?

It's included in KU - so get to it, people! CLICK THAT BEAUTIFUL COVER!

Let's do some more support!

Abby Taylor has joined the Cassidyverse - sort of. She's doing a biweekly post where she shares either a microfiction (exclusive to the blog) or an excerpt from a coming book. I've discovered that she's a fantastic writer and a good person - you can't spend eight hours with someone in a 12 foot booth without getting to know them!

FASHIONING A STAR is a new book, coming out in just a few days, and my friend AC Adams has RAVED about it! From Amazon:

Mystique Miller always marched to the beat of her own drum, which made her an easy target for bullies growing up. However, as an adult, she has reinvented herself to become the strong and confident Jade Miller. She sticks up for herself and is following her dreams of starting her own fashion line. But when the new her is met with an old face from the past, her life gets turned upside down.

Monica Hart has always lived a charmed life. She was queen bee of her high school and still on top fifteen years later as news anchor, Monica Starr. Even though she had everything money could buy, she didn’t feel as lucky as she once did. All she wanted was to be herself, but she wasn’t sure who that was. When she meets an unlikely stylist, suddenly, her eyes are opened.

Can the past predict the future? Or do we all get second chances to start over?

Fashioning a Star has an enemies-to-lovers vibe with an ugly-duckling-to-swan story that will leave you with a happy heart.

Right - moving on to MULTIPLE books!

As always, the banners are listed in expiration order - if it's at the top, it's going away first.

Don't wait to get these deals!

I think that's enough for now.

Enjoy the rest of the month, and I'll have another edition up July 2!


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