Sunday Wildcard – The Kildaran Chapters 12 & 13

Whaddya know? Kendra’s actually let me do a post on my own website!

I suppose that’s what I get for giving her an account and access, eh?

Guess it could be worse.

In any case, I’m back with a couple more chapters of the book. I was looking at it after I finished today’s edits and I realized that we’re just over 10% into the book. Yup. Currently on page 79 of 694 – and that’s set up to be printed as a 6×9 book!

Of course, as I edit, the page count fluctuates a little – up a page, down a page. But still, it’s a book which you could use to give someone a concussion.

How do I know this? Because as a surprise I had two copies printed last year and sent one to Richard as a gift; I thought he’d appreciate having it in his hands

Oh, yes. One more thing before I go into Shameless Self-Promotion Mode: have you looked closely at the cover image I put in here? I mean, really closely?

You should.

Shameless Promo Time!

Those of you who have gotten an eARC of A Quiet Revolution can tell the others, but I really think you ought to put in your pre-order for the ebook now! I mean, it’s only $2.99, and given what your fellow Ringo fans have already told me it ought to hit on several of the same cylinders!

You can also enter to wi