Sunday WildCard Post!

Thanks for coming by!

Sundays are going to be Wild Card posts – I don’t have anything in particular planned for the day, so you never know!

I might bring back a favorite interview (don’t forget about Monday Morning Author Interviews, starting tomorrow with Samantha Evans!); I might post a bonus chapter from one of the Cassidy books; I might post something totally other!

Today, let’s do something totally other.

What I am going to present to you now is, technically, fan fiction. Another author (Richard Evans, no relation to Samantha) and I are fans of John Ringo. We were fed up waiting for him to put out another book in his KILDAR series, so we decided to write our own. Well, I decided to write my own, and I started posting it to John’s fan site. Richard jumped in and we started collaborating.

Anyways, we also went to John and said, ‘Hey, is it cool we do this?’ and he agreed that we could. We just can’t sell it. I’ve given away hundreds of copies of this, and it’s been pretty well received (better, in fact, than a couple of John’s collaborations with authors to continue KILDAR).

So here you go. The prologue to The Kildaran. Enjoy!



Somewhere in Russia

His name was Ibrahim. A simple man’s name. Unassuming. One that wasn’t immediately associated with the few surviving ‘high level’ jihadists battling the Great and Le