Sunday WildCard

Today's installment is from a shorter story, "A Piece of the Action," which will be included in the Cassidyverse Collection coming this spring.


Habitat Njord

Stardate 12108.12

“Admiral, welco – oof!”

Davie Whitmore’s greeting was cut short by a redheaded missile slamming into her waist. The tall, spare woman absorbed the impact with practiced ease.

“Auntie Davie!” squealed the missile, bouncing. “I missed you!”

Somewhat awkwardly Davie put her arms around the figure and returned the hug, albeit with fractionally more restraint.

“Hello, Mikki. I missed you too.” She could hear more running feet and braced in anticipation, but Mikki’s sister Lisa slowed to a stop before quite slamming into her as well.

“Hi Aunt Davie!” Lisa said. Though she was a year younger, she often behaved like the older sister. “I turn six in two days!”

Davie heard more voices from