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Sunday Stockup!

Name Change! Free Books! Discounts! Hurry and get them!

End of the year, out with the old, in with the new!

Yes, today's the day! Every two weeks, what do I do? Give you lots of books to stuff your readers with! So why not change the name to reflect that reality?

Okay, so first up - the Kickstarter! I know, you've been hearing about it, but it's still going and has about 20 days left to run. YOU have time to get in on some of the GOOD backer levels - like three signed paperbacks, three ebooks, and an audiobook for a pledge of $75!

Here's a little video of one of the POSSIBLE narrators doing a scene. Give a listen:

Right, that's it for me. Now, I'm going to try something new. Instead of a HUGE column of freebies, how about a gallery of them? Let's try it out!

Links are below the images

Okay, here we go - from the top left column and down, then middle, then right:

  1. Sweet & Merry KU (Left Column, Top):

  2. Christmas Fantasy:

  3. FREE SF & F books:


  5. Christmas With KU:

  6. Short Stories:

  7. SF & F THis Christmas (Center Column, Top):

  8. Breakin' Spines TODAY:

  9. Breakin; Spines TOMORROW:

  10. FREE F & SF:

  11. Last Minute Deals:

  12. Age of Fantasy:

  13. Written In The Stars:

  14. Holiday Romance (Right Column, Top):

  15. SF & F For Holiday Reading:

  16. Heroes Wanted:

  17. SFF Books/Portals/Frigates:

  18. Free Audiobooks:

  19. Romance December Holiday Books:

  20. Settle In With Sci-Fi:

There is ONE MORE promotion, but you'll have to come back here on Tuesday the 2nd to find out about it!

And that's it! Quick and easy - now go fill up those readers!


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