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I have created a playlist for A Quiet Revolution!

I figured I’d try it out, and I’m pleased with the results.

I don’t know how other authors have done this. It’s not always clear, you know, because there are any number of authors who don’t like sharing ideas. From what I can figure out, there are sort of two ways authors use playlists: they either listen to these songs as they write, or they have a song which conveys some feeling of a part of the book.

That’s the idea I’ve run with. Sort of. I expanded it, because there was a massive playlist I listened to while writing, plus my favorite satellite station, so I’ve culled from those two sources and put them into a playlist. This playlist, though, also reflects the mood for the chapters they’re tagged to. It’s a bit of a hybrid, then, because while I can’t say they inspired the chapter, I can’t say they didn’t have any influence on them.

Since I’ve already started putting out chapters, I’m a bit behind. Not every chapter has a song – some are too short, some aren’t dramatic enough, some are covered by other songs – but when there is a song, I’ll put up a link.

Right now, there are two songs to catch up on.

First, the song for the entire book:

And the song for Chapter One, Book One:

The first song is Fight Song (Rachel Platten), and the second is Don’t Pay the Ferryman (Chris De Burgh).

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