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Science Fiction readers UNITE!

Load your Kindle with Science Fiction, FOR FREE! Are you wondering what to read next? Are you waiting for your favorite author’s next book and you have some time? The International Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Authors (IASFA) can help with that.

How about a no risk way to download over fifty science fiction titles from Amazon US or Amazon UK with just a few effortless clicks? And then read to your heart’s content. Fill the time with the best entertainment available – reading science fiction:). If you aren’t in the US or UK, you can still get the titles by browsing the ala carte selections that you find on this website -

Take a look and see what there is to see. All flavors of science fiction by a wide variety of established and up-and-coming authors. Free to read. Free to enjoy. Subscribe to the IASFA newsletter for five additional free titles AND so you never miss a science fiction promotion again.

What, not enough?

Okay, keep going here:

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