Meet Lieutenant LJ Burg

From the desk of Admiral Kendra Cassidy

LJ Burg.

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She came to us – and by us I mean Starfleet and the Federation – because she was one of the lead engineers on the Direwolf project when it was with HLC.

Oddly enough, Cass actually was aware of her from a prior project. Something to do with, oh, hold on. I’ll have to ask.

Cass says it was the variable modular cargo system, and it’s been incorporated into just about every spaceship design we’ve come out with since, well, pretty much forever.

I still say that jargon gives me a headache.

Anyways, LJ. Her specialty was ensuring that the various parts of the Direwolf would be able to be pulled and replaced easily. Makes sense, right?

So she was there at the first proper demonstration flight of the fighter, when Double Dip cleaned Flashdance’s clock.


Sorry, it’s true! Compared to the Direwolf, the Wolf is a space truck!