Meet Nicole Crozer

From the desk of Admiral Kendra Cassidy

Nicole Crozier.

I have, or had, every reason to hate her back in the day.

She was the one who planned the KEW strike that destroyed our home and killed twenty thousand innocent people.

But let’s back up a little more.

Nicole Crozier was born on Luna, in Artemis City, to immigrants from the Martian Colony. Her mother, found a position in a restaurant owned by the Dent Family, while her father stayed home to raise their children. One of five children, she went into the Ministry of War after university more or less by accident, never intending to rise far. She did her job, of course, and was promoted and given further responsibilities.

One of those, as I said, was to plan the KEW strike on my home. As I learned later, she did the job properly: directed strike, contained, just enough to do what was necessary. Unfortunately, she was overruled, over and over and over, until she created the eventual strike which matched the requirements set down by the Primus. This bothered her so much that her supervisor ordered her off the project.

It would make perfect sense for me to hate her. In truth, I did, before I knew her; I hated the faceless, nameless person who brutally murdered so many of my neighbors on Earth. Eventually that hatred moved to the person who ordered that strike, as it should: Vasilia Newling. After all, you don’t blame the tool, you blame the person who wields it. And nobody who has ever gotten to know Nicole could hate her.

After the failed Battle of Diana, and Davie Whitmore’s disappearance, Nicole was abruptly promoted to Minister of War, mostly because she was the only one with answers for Newling on a Very Bad Day. Surprising everyone, including herself, she held the position for a year, and would have stayed longer. Her competence was never an issue; unfortunately, she happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.