Meet Lorelei Stewart

From the Desk of Admiral Kendra Cassidy

Lorelei is an amazing woman.

If I wasn’t married to Cass, I’d think that she’s the smartest person I know. I am, and Cass definitely is, but Lorelei is a close second. How Kiri ended up winning her is a story I’ve never gotten out of them, not completely, just bits and pieces. From what I’ve heard it was truly a comedy of errors. They were both interested but every time they tried to get together something intervened.

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Anyways, when I met her, Lorelei and Kiri had been married for eight years, engaged for six, together for sixteen total. Yeah, the long engagement was part two of the comedy of errors. Okay, this part I know.

They met in high school, towards the end of Kiri’s senior year. Lorelei was two years behind her, and it wasn’t love at first sight. In fact, it was very nearly loathe at first sight, because Kiri had already been accepted to the Northern Imperium Naval Academy and Lorelei was absolutely committed to peaceful coexistence. Then there was the fact, nearly insurmountable, that Kiri was two whole years older than Lorelei. Major not goodness for a couple high schoolers!

In any case, they didn’t actually connect in high school. Not romantically. Despite their differences, though, they stayed in touch. Lorelei opted to go to Northwestern for her college career, which put them in the same city. Eventually Kiri broke down Lorelei’s resistance and they went out for coffee. That would be, um. Let’s see if I can math. 2103? No, 2102.

Well, that was the start of their relationship. Like I said, it was a comedy of errors for a while, between Kiri’s commitments as a cadet at NINA – yeah, silly acronym, but I didn’t choose the country’s name – and Lorelei’s pursuit of her Bachelor’s. The schedules just didn’t match up at all, at all.