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Coming to NEW JERSEY in OCTOBER (27-29)...


I've been accepted as a guest at DerpyCon - a ten-year-old sci-fi/gaming/anime/cosplay convention in New Brunswick.

I'd love to see YOU there!

Click the button to learn more, buy memberships, and reserve your room!

Exploration StoryBundle Ready to Leave Orbit!

The latest storybundle I've curated - featuring MD Cooper, SE Anderson, Kevin Anderson (no relation), and seven more authors - is almost finished!

Your last chance to get this bundle is in six days - that's ten all-star authors, eighteen books, for as little as twenty bucks! (Of course, you can pay more if you want.)

Don't let this chance leave without you!

Sneak Peek - may's Half-Price Book!

Once again I've teamed up with my friend AC Adams to put together an anthology. This one is called Roots of Love, and it contains fourteen stories across all genres with a common theme: Romantic Origins.

From me, you have a new Cassidyverse story about how Kiri and Lorelei Stewart's relationship started. You also have great stories from award-winning authors Lila Gwynn, AC Adams, David Green, and so many more!

Get it right on the site!

FINALLY - ANOTHER New Cassidyverse Story!

That's right!

As a prelude to the new story collection, coming in June, I'm releasing ONE STORY to Kindle Vella!

Pay no attention to the title on Vella; the title in the book will be "Heart of Molycirc".

If you live in the US, or have a VPN which can spoof your location, you can read it NOW on Kindle Vella. A new episode will land every day until May 13, at which point the countdown to launch of the collection starts.

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