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Hello there! So I'm not much of a reviewer - it's not that I'm not good at it, but I have so many books to read that I couldn't possibly keep up with reviews, too!

But this time I made an exception.

I also stepped out of my usual comfort zone and went with a Young Adult Fantasy.


So Dacia is your typical college student, anxious about being away from home, unsure of her new roommate, nervous about classes.

And with good reason. When she was six, she used her pyrokinetic powers to scare off the monster under the bed.

Life only gets stranger from there. Her new friend, Cody Hawks, is about the only thing she can rely on as more oddities and absurdities occur around her, culminating in discovering she's the key to a demon's plot to take over the world.

She's going to need more than Cliff Notes and coffee to get through this year.

Overall, this was an enjoyable and quick read. As the first book in a series, it provides a solid foundation for the following books, where it would be lacking if it stood alone.

The characters are fairly well fleshed out, without being fully developed (again, first book). And the romantic subplot adds some needed depth to what could have been yet another 'brave youngster saves the world" book.

All in all, a solid read.

Purchase it by clicking on the cover or this link:

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