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The Hopepunk Bundle - Final Days!

19 books for 25 bucks!

The Hopepunk Bundle - curated by Adam Gaffen:

What is Hopepunk, you ask?

It's a subgenre of speculative fiction, so it includes fantasy as well as science fiction, and it's a reaction to the dystopian views that grimdark novels have. Where grimdark is violent and amoral, hopepunk stories feature characters who fight for positive change, communal responses to challenges, and even radical kindness. It's an intentional ray of sunshine in what could be a bleak literary landscape. It's taking a stand because it's right, not because it's profitable. It's rebelling against an oppressive regime to improve everyone's lot, not just your own. It emphasizes cooperation over conflict while realizing that a Happily Ever After isn't guaranteed.

And it's everywhere.

You can read more about the books here, and make sure to click on each cover for a synopsis, reviews and preview of each book!

BUY YOUR COPY TODAY! Click on either image, or click HERE to go to the website - $25 for 19 books!

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