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New Logo - Who Dat?

The logo of Ad Astra Science Fiction & Fantasy - a blonde woman on the right (Kendra Cassidy), a redhaired woman on the left (Kalili the demon), a starship in the upper right, and a space fighter in the upper left, all against a rainbow background of stars

That's right - there's a change happening!

As I've added to my repertoire - from a novella series (the original concept of "The Cassidy Chronicles") to a novel to a series to a broad universe, I've stayed true to my original brand: The Cassidy Chronicles.

But then a funny thing happened. I wrote a fantasy story for a collection. Then another, a sequel, for another collection. Then more fantasy stories which you haven't seen yet. And then there was the Godsfall trilogy, marking my full-fledged dive into the fantasy ocean.

And I have a heist thriller coming up in September.

So - even though all of these books are part of the larger Cassidyverse - they're not really Cassidy Chronicles, either.

Something had to change.

Hence the new logo.

It represents the current balance in the Cassidyverse - 3/4 science fiction, 1/4 fantasy - with the background hinting at both sides as well as the nature of my characters. The characters are deliberate - Kalili and Kendra - as are the ships - a Direwolf Mk IV and the TFS Pike.

Don't worry - you won't particularly notice any changes. I will be keeping the domain, and Kendra's email (, as well as the original logo for specifically Cassidy books.

But when I'm at an event, look for Ad Astra Science Fiction & Fantasy for your favorite books!

Now, I also wanted to update you on labels. See, since there are so many threads in the Cassidyverse, it makes sense to group them. These labels will be on the cover of the books, if it doesn't make it into the title somehow. (And no, they're not going to be color-coded elsewhere; I'm just having some fun here.)

Cassidy Chronicles - any book which is primarily concerned with Kendra and Aiyana, no matter how big the cast of characters

Cassidyverse - a book that's related to the universe that may or may not involve Kendra and Aiyana

Godsfall - a book that comes from the fantasy side of the universe.

So where does that put the various books?

The Cassidy Chronicles - Cassidy Chronicles

Quantum Quirks - Cassidy Chronicles

The Artemis War books - Cassidy Chronicles

Into the Black - Cassidyverse

The Heart of Space - Cassidyverse

The Ghosts of Tantor - Cassidyverse (and when there are more, all of the books that are about the Pike will be in the series "The Missions of the TFS Pike")

Tracking Tantor - Cassidyverse

Godsfall Trilogy - Godsfall

The Vault & The Vixen - Godsfall

Unnamed Crossover I'm writing now - Cassidyverse

I hope this has all been helpful!


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