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Pomegranate Tears by Jos Saunders

This is a fascinating book and well out of my usual comfort zone.

It is - well, how do I describe it? Literary fiction? Certainly. Historical fiction? That too, though recent history (40s-80s). Women's fiction? Possibly, as it's written in the first person about a woman's life in Italy and England during and after WWII.

But it's much more than that.

It's an exploration of familial relationships, both good and bad. The repetition of patterns in those relationships, despite awareness of them. The courage to break out of the pattern, even knowing the cost.

What impressed me most was the evolution of the narrator's voice. It reflected her changing situation and life experiences, so the teenage narrator does not sound like the mature adult narrator.

Certainly worth your time to dive into!

Click on the cover to discover it for yourself

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