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A Quiet Revolution – What’s Next?

Well, now you’ve seen the cover. What do you think? And if you hadn’t before, you have now!

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I love the consistency that Emily brings to the covers. She’s been working with me on all the Cassidy books, and is so responsive to my suggestions and requests I couldn’t imagine working with another designer on the Cassidy covers.

Of course, the question now is, what do I do for an encore? I mean, I teased out the title reveal for a couple weeks; I teased the cover reveal for a full month; I give you guys a chapter every week. What else can I do?

I did something for this book I haven’t done before. I created a playlist, which I’ve tucked into the end of the book. You’ve already heard three of the songs (or at least, you’ve had the opportunity to hear three of the songs. Whether you did or not, I can’t say). I thought it would be a neat idea, and something I’ve seen other writers do (yup, totally stealing the idea).

Starting TOMORROW – March 2 – I will put up every song, one a day, every weekday until we hit release day (April 16) or I run out of music, whichever comes first. I’ll also write a little piece explaining why I think the song fits the chapter.

So, get ready for some tunes!

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