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New Series!

A new universe for you to explore!

Rapid release 2/1/24, 3/1/24, 4/1/24

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Welcome to the Cassidy Chronicles Universe!

Meet Aiyana and Kendra, two women who will change the world and humanity's place in the universe with their discoveries and exploration of the stars. 

Begin with Volume 1, which contains three gripping tales that will draw you into an incredible adventure.

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Free Book!

Welcome to my website!

How about we start with a free book?

This started it all. Well, almost. In a roundabout sort of way. 

I won't go into too many details, because it's in the book and you probably have lots to do!

So just click on the cover and go get it from Amazon! No strings, no sign-up, just a free book.

My gift to you for visiting here.


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Free Book!

Let's keep going with ANOTHER free book!

This is a non-canon continuation of a series by John Ringo, written with his blessing and the input of dozens of other fans. It was the first major writing project I ever tackled, and what really got me started writing seriously.

It's a gift. If you enjoy technothrillers, check it out. Free. Just click the button to download the EPUB file, or click the cover to go to Smashwords and get it free there.

2023 Top 25 Indie Book of the year!

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Alien Spaceship

Go to the STOre page to purchase your cassidy chronicles ebook direct!

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Most Recent Release

The Heart of Space

The Terran Federation is the Heart of Space


June 13, 2023

The Heart of Space

Where Can You Find Me?

Social Media!

So you want to follow me - great!

Here's a few places you can find me. Click on the site name to go there.


Facebook Author Page

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I'll add more as it becomes appropriate!

- Adam

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New Promos! Free & Discounted!

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