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The Kildaran - in the ancient language of the Keldara, it means simply "the woman of the Kildar".

Katrina has claimed the title from the day she met Mike.


Now he's finally give in to the inevitable. The wedding planning has begun, and Mike has decided Katrina needs to learn of the wider world. What better way than a visit to the United States, a visit where, for once, he won't be tracking down a WMD?


What could possibly go wrong?


How about a full load of nuclear weapons, intended for disposal, being hijacked by Islamist insugents bent on establishing a new Emirate?


That could ruin your entire day.


What makes it worse, and what Mike and the Mountain Tigers are unaware of, is the former Stasi agent Kurt Schwenke is behind it all. His objective? Revenge on Katya Ivanova, aka Cottontail, and he doesn't care who else is in his way.


Once again it's up to Mike and the Keldrara to preserve teh fragile peace in their little corner of the world.


And pick up Katrina's wedding dress.


Can't forget the important things. 


This book is based on John Ringo's "Paladin of Shadows" series and is offered for free to the public.

The Kildaran

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