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The Cassidyverse is back!

Kendra and Aiyana's world is as vibrant and rich as ever in this new collection of thirteen pieces of short fiction.
You might think their world runs on fusion power, or antimatter plants, or maybe even warp drives. But it doesn't.
It runs on emotions and relationships and heart.

  • What happened after Kendra's near-disastrous Christmas party? You're not going to believe it!
  • Kendra's journey from actress to assassin continues in "Roses Have Thorns"
  • Lexie wants to break up with her boring boyfriend, but she never expected a goddess
  • Shi faces her demons in "Lupus in Astris", putting the ghosts of her past to rest
  • In "Heart of Molycirc", Elsa confronts a lying, corrupt bully to regain her self-respect
  • Step into the distant future of the Terran Empire in "Chooser of the Living" and see the covert battle that could launch a revolution

These stories and more show what we mean when we say that the Terran Federation is the Heart of Space.


Want to learn more? Check out the review from Read Freely's "The Best Books We've Read All Year":

The Heart of Space

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