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In the mesmerizing trilogy "Godsfall: Books 1-3" by Adam Gaffen, embark on an extraordinary journey through the celestial realms as angels and demons clash in 10th Century Rome. Kalili, a seasoned demon weary of her six-millennia-long mission, faces an unexpected twist when Faith, an ancient and innocent angel, is assigned to eliminate her. As their worlds collide, they discover a love that transcends their celestial origins, setting the stage for a cosmic adventure filled with twists and turns.

In "Godsfall: Book 2," Faith and Kalili unravel the mysteries of their true identities as the last Thirteens—ancient and powerful Immortals created to settle the eternal contest between good and evil. However, their desire for a peaceful life together is thwarted as the powers that govern their existence thrust them into a perilous journey. Faced with mounting threats, they grapple with their destinies, forging an unbreakable bond that defies the very fabric of their immortal existence.

As the saga unfolds in "Godsfall: Book 3," Faith and Kalili confront Archangels, former flames, and powerful enemies. The revelation of a deception orchestrated by an Archangel adds a layer of complexity to their mission. With newfound allies from both Heaven and Hell, including Ariel and Lilith, the Thirteens navigate a path fraught with emotional wounds and cosmic challenges. In a climactic showdown against formidable adversaries like Gabriel and Lucifer, the ultimate question arises: can love triumph over ambition? "Godsfall: Books 1-3" explores the epic struggle between these forces, delivering a gripping tale of cosmic proportions that will leave readers on the edge of their seats.

Godsfall: The Complete Series In Print

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