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In "GODSFALL: Book 2," Faith, who has always believed she was an angel, and Kalili, a demon, find their worlds turned upside down as they discover their true identities as the last Thirteens, ancient and immensely powerful Immortals. These beings were created at the dawn of time to settle the eternal contest between good and evil. However, Faith and Kalili have no interest in participating in this age-old conflict. Instead, they long for a peaceful life together and to bask in the obscurity of their newfound love. But the powers that govern their existence see them merely as tools to be manipulated or destroyed, thrusting them into a perilous journey filled with new friends, old foes, and a mysterious figure from Kalili's past. As they confront mounting threats, they must grapple with their own natures and navigate the treacherous path ahead. The other Immortals may have forgotten, but one thing remains certain: never bet against the strength of a pair of Thirteens.

This thrilling installment in the "GODSFALL" series delves deeper into the lives of Faith and Kalili as they struggle to understand their destinies, facing increasingly formidable challenges. Amidst the chaos and uncertainty, the unbreakable bond between the two Thirteens stands as a testament to their resilience. Can they overcome the odds and chart their own path in a world that demands their involvement in an ancient struggle between good and evil? In "GODSFALL: Book 2," Faith and Kalili prove that their love and determination are forces to be reckoned with, challenging the very foundations of their immortal existence.

Godsfall: The Book of Two

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