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In “GODSFALL: Book 3,” Kalili and Faith, the last of the Thirteens, discover that the challenges they’ve taken on may be more monumental than they ever imagined. Their journey takes an unexpected turn when they confront the Archangel Michael, who demands answers about their actions. However, what they reveal shatters Michael’s expectations, revealing a deception orchestrated by another Archangel.
As they return to Earth, their focus turns to the pressing issue of Kalili’s former flame, Avareth, and the emotional wounds she has left behind. With one heartbreak already endured in their immortal lives, they are determined to heal the hurt, but their path forward is far from easy. With newfound allies in both Heaven and Hell, including Ariel and Lilith, the couple’s attention returns to securing their future.
However, powerful enemies, including Gabriel and Lucifer, pose a formidable threat. In a climactic showdown, the ultimate question arises: which force is more powerful, ambition or love? “GODSFALL: Book 3” explores the epic struggle between these two compelling forces in a gripping tale of cosmic proportions.

Godsfall: The Book of Three

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