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Step into a thrilling world of survival, love, and self-discovery with "The Cassidy Chronicles." Aiyana Cassidy and Kendra Foster-Briggs' wedding day takes a shocking turn when the minister pulls out a gun, forcing them to flee on a cross-country journey. Set against the backdrop of a fractured United States, they unravel a mystery filled with schemes, betrayals, and unexpected allies.

If you crave the suspense and excitement of "The Hunger Games," you'll be captivated by "The Cassidy Chronicles." This fast-paced adventure blends nods to sci-fi pop culture favorites like Robert Heinlein and Star Trek with a future Los Alamos, New Mexico setting that feels incredibly real. The author's detailed world-building and well-conceived technology immerse you in a future where Cassidy's star-trek-style transporter plans come to life.

As the story unfolds, you'll witness the deep affection between Aiyana and Kendra amidst the action-packed narrative. "The Cassidy Chronicles" is a smart and suspenseful read that introduces you to a talented writer in the genre. Don't miss the opportunity to delve into this gripping F/F romance set in a dystopian America, where the future is both fascinating and perilous.

The Cassidy Chronicles (The Cassidy Chronicles Book 1)

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