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In the gripping tale of 'A Quiet Revolution,' Kendra Cassidy finds herself thrust into a war she never sought. As Artemis relentlessly attempts to dismantle the Terran Federation, Kendra realizes that playing by the rules won't secure victory. In a world where the Solarian Union teeters on the brink of fragmentation and internal discontent simmers, Kendra emerges as a formidable force. Unwilling to be bound by conventional norms, she becomes a beacon of change. With the war escalating and the stakes higher than ever, Kendra must navigate a tumultuous landscape where breaking the rules may be the only path to salvation. 'A Quiet Revolution' is a riveting tale of courage, cunning, and the relentless pursuit of peace in the face of chaos.

"Shooting Star, this is Armitage."
"Go, Ian."
"We haven't landed on Endeavour before."
"Congratulations, Captain Obvious! You just earned your handle. No, we haven't, but she's going to be certified to return to service soon enough. That means we'll be stationed aboard her, not Njord, so we have to be able to land."
"Sweet lords of Kobol," said her AI quietly but fervently.
"They are green. Too bad I can't get out of this ship; I could clear out their bank accounts in a single game of pyramid."
"Yup. You could. Now shut up."

A Quiet Revolution (The Artemis War Volume 3)

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