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In the gripping tale of 'A Quiet Revolution,' Kendra Cassidy finds herself thrust into a war she never sought. As Artemis relentlessly attempts to dismantle the Terran Federation, Kendra realizes that playing by the rules won't secure victory. In a world where the Solarian Union teeters on the brink of fragmentation and internal discontent simmers, Kendra emerges as a formidable force. Unwilling to be bound by conventional norms, she becomes a beacon of change. With the war escalating and the stakes higher than ever, Kendra must navigate a tumultuous landscape where breaking the rules may be the only path to salvation. 'A Quiet Revolution' is a riveting tale of courage, cunning, and the relentless pursuit of peace in the face of chaos.

A Quiet Revolution - The Artemis War 3 (Cassidy Chronicles Volume 4)

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