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Chapter Four

The meeting didn’t start at eight.

It might have been on track to be on time, but the Master Chief showed up at quarter till eight, and once she was there the house devolved into chaos.

“Auntie Mikki! Auntie Mikki!” Two auburn-haired missiles launched themselves from the breakfast table at the Chief, who had enough presence of mind to set down her duffel before swooping them up to squeals of happy laughter.

“How are my favorite billy lids?” she said.

“Come and play!” said Lisa.

“I wanna show you –” said Mikki at the same time.

“Hold on, hold on!” laughed Stone. “One at a time! And let me say hello to your mothers before you drag me off into your lair!” She set the youngsters down despite protests.

“G’day, Cassidys,” said Stone. Her faint Australian accent had gotten stronger in her semi-retirement. Cass suspected it was her way of intimidating the agents she trained at OutLook. “What’s new?”

“Did Cris fill you in?”

“She did that. High mucky-muck from the UE dropping in uninvited tonight.”