The Road to the Stars - Chapter Thirteen

And enter Nicole Crozier.

I have to give the late and otherwise unlamented Primus, now many years in her well-deserved reclamation pit, credit. Let me explain.

If she hadn't been stupidly impulsive and focused on governing through terror, she wouldn't have started tossing people on the surface. If she hadn't done that, she wouldn't have told Davie Whitmore to take a walk without a suit, forcing a replacement. And then the replacement wouldn't have ended up eventually being Nicole.

So thank you, Vasilia Newling.

Chapter Thirteen

“Who are you?” The Primus’s voice was cold. The more seasoned members of the council concealed their reactions, but the man standing at the Minister of War’s usual place, and the young woman behind him, visibly flinched.

“My name is Jens Gruber. I was the prime assistant to Minister Whitmore. This is Nicole Crozier, one of my assistants.