The Road to the Stars – Chapter Sixteen

It’s funny what you remember, and what you forget.

Take the implants.

These days, implants are pretty much standard for any citizen of the Terran Federation. There are always a few who refuse them, or who ask to have them removed when they reach their majority, but I’d say that probably 90-95% of the population have them, and have had them since they were children.

(Yes, I know; I could use my implant to get the exact percentage, but hey, I’m one of the few who remembers a time before implants. I like to pretend, now and again.)

In 2118, though, we were just beginning to start a rollout to a few key people, and Cass and I had had them for just a few years. For those people, getting an implant was A Big Deal. Here we were, selling the idea of cracking open their jaw and putting in a device which could, well, do magic.

Alley was a tough sell. But she wanted Enterprise, probably more than she’d wanted anything in her life, and so she agreed.

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Chapter Sixteen

The next fortnight was furiously busy for Alley.