The Measure of Humanity – Chapter THIRTEEN

This day was more fun than Adam makes it out to be.

Oh, he gets the important things right – the ceremony, the friendship between Shannon and Daniela, the meeting of LJ and Alley, the mock dogfight between the Wolf and Direwolf – but there was so much going on which was left out!

For example, he didn’t mention it was an open bar. Frankly, I find that inexcusable. One should ALWAYS mention the open bar! And the Houston-style hospitality: barbeque as far as the eye could see. Well, maybe not quite that far, but if there was anything a visitor wanted they couldn’t get I didn’t hear about it.

It was a party.

Plus, as nervous as Double Dip was, the grin on her face when she strapped into her Direwolf could have been used to power a starship.

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