The Measure of Humanity – Chapter Five

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It’s time for another chapter in The Measure of Humanity. We’re up to Chapter Five, can you believe it? Last week, the Wolves moved the completed habitat, Njord, from Low Earth Orbit to the permanent position at the L5 Lagrange point. Actually, they moved it before the chapter started, you just got to hear Flashdance and Menace complaining about it.

A note. I try very hard to balance the ‘hard’ sci-fi with as little jargon as possible, but there are some things which I can’t get away from. For example, the L5 Lagrange point. This is a point in space which trails the moon in its orbit, as far from the moon as the moon is from Earth, and so they form an equilateral triangle. Why is it important? Because it’s a gravitationally balanced point; any satellite, such as a really really big habitat, placed there will stay there. It won’t need engines, it’s simply pulled along in orbit by the combined gravity of the Earth and moon.