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Taylor's Time!

Hello again!

Kendra here, and we have a treat today.

Taylor wrote a micro-fiction for you!

That's right, a complete story, in 375 words - no cliffhanger, no chapters, just a beginning, middle, and end.

And it's funny!

Enjoy the story!

- Kendra


"Give me back my underwear!"

I stood at the end of Jason's bed, my rump in the air, my tail wagging. Jason stood in the doorway of the bathroom, a towel wrapped around him.

"Give." He held out his hand. "Now, Bruce!"

I stared at him. I cooked my head, lifted my ears and slowed my wag.

Silly human!

I leapt off the bed and raced down the hall.

"Bruce!" Jason ran after me. Futile. I could always run faster. "I'm not kidding, give 'em back!"

Angel–what a joke of a name, she was a Demon Cat–watched me from her perch on her counter as I ran into the kitchen. My claws scrabbled on the tile floor and I crashed into her food bowl, sending her much tastier kibble spilling across the floor. With the fabric still in my teeth, I stood, shook myself off and glanced at Angel, who shot me a look with enough venom to kill small animals.

As if it was my fault she wasn't smart enough to gobble up her kibble before I got to it and not Jason's for leaving perfectly chewable boxers on the bed inches within my reach!

I let out a quiet woof. She hissed. We were back on normal terms.

That's right, cat. Fear me!

Jason halted in the hallway and took in the scene. I wagged and bowed playfully.

"I've gotta get to work, Bruce!"

I took off as soon as he took a step forward. He ran after me, holding his towel in place, and chased me around the couch.

What a game!

The coffee table was between us when Jason grabbed hold of the boxers, the couch behind him. The more he pulled, the harder I tugged.

Tug of war? Score!

"Bruce, I'm serious!" Jason yelled. "Let! Go!"

As you wish!

I obeyed. He fell into the couch, landing with such force that it flipped backwards. I leapt excitedly over the fallen couch and licked him in the face, my tail wagging. He laughed.

"Stupid dog!"

He kissed my head and pushed me away to stand up, leaving the bowers where they lay. I seized my chance and gripped them in my teeth, racing away. And the game began again.

Stupid human!

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