Hi guys!

I thought you might want a quick look at something I’m working on for Kindle Vella.

It’s another story set in the Cassidy Universe, but it’s going to be focused on a new starship and a different crew. Some of the officers will be familiar, but the crew and the rest of the officers? New to you (and me!)!

One note before you get into the story on Stardates. They are derived by taking the century digit, the two digits for the year, the two digits for the month (with the leading zero as needed), a decimal, and then the two digits for the day (again with a leading zero). So today is July 19, 2021; Kendra’s Stardate would be 02107.19. Got it? Good; there’s going to be a quiz later!

Without further ado, a sneak peek into another Cassidy story!

Vulcan’s Forge

Stardate 12406.19

“Oberon wept. What a monster!”

“Davie, you have no poetry in your soul. She’s gorgeous.”

“You’ve always been a romantic, Kendra.”

“True.” She idly patted her abdomen, still barely bulging.

“How are the girls dealing with being big sisters?”

“Mikki’s pretty blasé about it; been there, done that. Lisa’s excited, though. It’s fresh and new and exciting to her.”

“And Rob?”

“He isn’t even one yet! I know our kids are scary smart, but he’s way too little to have a clue.”

“I still can’t believe Cass managed to carry a baby while commanding the Constitution.”

Kendra laughed. “She doesn’t get morning sickness; I do. Besides, she’s stubborn, she is.