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Surprise! It's Me Again!

Hey there - SURPRISE!


Taylor's taking a couple weeks off - she's moving from California to Colorado, so Adam sent me a message.

"Kendra, can you fill in for Taylor? I'm up to my eyeballs in other projects and can't get to the posts!"

So here I am.

I'll bet your're wondering why I'm talking about having some coffee.

It's not because I'm a huge coffee advocate. I enjoy my cup or three, just like Cass enjoys her cacao every morning, but I'm not a "coffee or death!" type of person.

No, it's because it's my way of telling people to slow down for a few minutes. Relax. Reconnect with simpler things.

See, when you drink a cup of coffee, especially in a public setting, what happens?

You and anyone around you chat as you make the perfect cup, right? You talk about what you're doing and why it's the better choice, maybe try a sip of someone else's mix, laugh and joke and connect. Then you stand around for a few minutes and chat some more about families and work and other stuff.

You connect with them.

People don't do that enough.

Never have. Still don't.

So, have some coffee. Reconnect and recharge.

And maybe remember why you started hanging out with these people in the first place.

Until next time,


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