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RIP Eric FLint

(Art by James Artimus Owen)

Eric Flint died today.

You might not know who he is.

He wrote thoughtful, entertaining, and creative science fiction for decades, culminating with his 1632 series. He'd partnered with many other big names in the business, crossed political lines, and created his own publishing company to highlight small authors.

His loss is going to send ripples through the community for months.

I only got to meet Eric once - DragonCon in 2015 or 16 - and I'd just been at a panel he'd participated in.

During the panel, I won a book he co-wrote with Ryk Spoor (Castaway Planet).

Anyway, his part of the panel ended, and as he's making his way up the side aisle to escape I decide to ask for him to autograph it.

Now, here he is, trying to get to his next event, in a semi-dark room, and a fan pesters him for a signature. He COULD have brushed me off. Instead, he chatted with me for a few minutes, signed my book, gracious and friendly and engaging.

I may have wanted to see him again, but I'll treasure this one.

RIP, Eric

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